Accutron MR

With the Accutron MR, MEDTRON has developed the ideal MR contrast medium injector for the injection of both contrast medium and physiological saline solution in magnetic resonance imaging. The wireless, microprocessor-controlled double head injector contributes considerably to the optimization of the workflow and supports the user in an even better diagnostics.

Thanks to the double syringe detection a high level of flexibility and an improvement of the user-specific workflow are achieved.

The stable flow rate ensures a homogenous contrast medium

enhancement during the whole examination.

Flexible syringe volumes

The Accutron MR supports the use of different kinds of prefilled syringes. Easy Loading Syringes (ELS) with filling volumes of 65 or 200 ml can be inserted into the integrated syringe holder. This minimizes the expenditure of time and saves costs.

Efficient, autarkical and immediately ready for use

The Accutron MR, as well as all the other MEDTRON injectors of the new generation, is available completely wirelessly. The injector is equipped with integrated, high-output rechargeable batteries and a radio-controlled touch screen remote control. Thanks to this remote control, settings can be made easily from the control room.

A quick installation of the Accutron MR is possible also in existing MR rooms since the MR room remains largely unaffected.

Thanks to wireless data transmission the Accutron MR is absolutely mobile and can be operated in the whole MR environment.

The completely wireless use contributes considerably to optimization of the workflow.

  • High user-friendliness thanks to a clearly structured touch screen control panel (available in different languages)
  • Well-structured, self-explanatory menu navigation
  • Additional keypad to move the pistons manually and to start and stop the injection
  • 80 editable profiles can be stored

Of course, MEDTRON provides all device-specific consumables for the Accutron MR